Concerts will be remembered for life ... different concepts ... Ten thousands of viewers...

For more than twenty years, Hakan Erdogan Productions has organized unique, high quality and memorable concerts where both Turkish and international musicians meet with their audience in unusual settings. Be it a small house concert or an event with thousands in the audience, our goals remain the same: To present the audience with an unforgettable, unique concert experience; to produce a flawless event, and to serve the audience beyond their expectations by anticipating their wishes.

One of our yearly events that have evolved into a tradition of its own is the “Jazz at Breakfast”, held in the summer months at the Sakip Sabanci Museum: The audience listens to live jazz music while reclining on oversize pillows under the trees.

Istanbul Bach Days, an eagerly anticipated festival, has also become a tradition. With events such as “Mozart Days”, “Home Concerts”, “The Night Shift at The Istanbul Modern Museum”, “2010 Istanbul Fish-In-Bread Jazz” and “Jazz in Ramadan” in its repertoire, Hakan Erdogan Productions will continue to come up with interesting and unique concerts and events in years to come.